The name HSM represents over 100 years of proven track record and experience in steel fabrication for the Civil Engineering and Oil & Gas Industry. Since 2002 also the Offshore Renewables sector is part of our work area.

HCW, Hollandsche Constructie Werkplaatsen, Leiden, The Netherlands (1914 - 1967)

1914-Foundation of HCW in Leiden by Mr. Van Egmond
1929-Foundation of NEM, Nederlandsche Electrolasch Maatschappij (31 October 1929)
1945-Foundation of Tebodin Technisch Bureau voor Ontwikkeling der Industrie
1953-Foundation of AKF fabricating boilers and vessels
1953-Foundation of Elascon and Metapro for fabrication of industrial buildings
1954-Foundation of RMM specialised in corrosion protection

Foundation of Starako for doors and window framing


Foundation of Elcontor for electrical and instrumentation


Foundation of holding company HCG, Hollandse Constructie Groep, embracing all operating companies above


HCG, Hollandse Constructie Groep, Leiden and Schiedam, The Netherlands (1967 - 1990)

1968-Merger between HCG and HBM, Hollandsche Beton Maatschappij, forming HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep
1973-Foundation of HCG Offshore, Schiedam
1980-Forming of HCG S&O, Division Steel Structures and Offshore
1987-All shop activities transferred from Leiden to Schiedam
1990-Re-orientation of group company HCG. HCG Division Steel Structures and Offshore become HSM, Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij

HSM, Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij, Schiedam, The Netherlands (1990 - 2000)

1991-HSM becomes operating company under group company HBG Civiel
2000-HSM is renamed HBG Steel Structures

HBG Steel Structures, Schiedam, The Netherlands (2000 - 2004)

2002-HBG shares acquired by Royal BAM Group (November 2002)
2004-HBG Steel Structures is renamed: BAM Steel Structures. BAM Steel Structures shares acquired by RijnDijk Groep (October 2004)

HSM Steel Structures, Schiedam, The Netherlands (2004 - present)

2009-The RijnDijk Groep transforms into the Andus Group. HSM Steel Structures is responsible for the civil engineering activities and HSM Offshore is responsible for the Oil & Gas and Offshore Renewables activities.